Eco-Friendly Robes, Pajamas & Towels: Why To Buy Bamboo Made?
(October 2009)

Bamboo PlantThe eco-friendly movement has proved to be one of the healthiest and most progressive trends to immerge as of late. From solar power energy converters to reusable cotton grocery bags, the most environmentally conscious product is often the best all around purchase. The choices that we make and the products that we buy now can help cut back on harsh pollutants, water contamination, and help to preserve the Earth for generations to come. Buying green is getting easier to do because it has raised so much awareness, but what if there was a way to work this idea right into your relaxation routine?

Masterminds at Aegean Apparel worked day and night to find a formula for the softest, most plush yarn using only low impact, biodegradable materials. This is how our 100% bamboo products were born. The bamboo plant is a renewable resource, which means that by harvesting the right way, it will regenerate and be available for years to come. Because the plant is being cut rather than uprooted, the stem and leaves will grow again, reaching full maturity in as little as five years. Once the pulp is extracted from the bamboo leaves and stem, it is processed, bleached, and rolled to make yarn.

Our family owned factories in Denizli, Turkey are able to spin this yarn into the most beautiful, elegant fabric which is made from 100% pure bamboo. This fabric is used to make a wide variety of bathrobes, pajamas, and bath towels that possess a luxurious feel in many different textures. By using different spinning techniques, bamboo can be made into terry loop bathrobes and towels, terry velour bathrobes, waffle pique spa bathrobes, and flat knit wraps and pajamas. No matter what technique used, the outcome is always soft, shiny, absorbent, and sumptuous.

These products are extremely durable and easy to care for, while the cross sectioned fibers provide ventilation and an airy quality only found in bamboo fabrics.

Saving the world doesn't get any easier than slipping into one of Aegean's signature 100% bamboo bathrobes, bamboo pajamas  or pure bamboo towels after a long day at work. Find the eco friendly bathrobe, pajama, or towel that's right for you at /Organic-Robes-Pjs-s/1541.htm.
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